Top Seven Stereotypes About Russian Women Which Are True

Men all over the world dread Russian women as they are not only extremely beautiful but also smart and strong. You can hear that Russian women behave submissively and are rather modest ones, however, in reality these women do know where to guide their husbands and how to make them do nothing but what they want. Together with a layer of thick cultural stereotypes and prejudices, an image of the typical russian woman invokes nothing but fear.

Why then so many men from all over the world dream of marrying a girl from the Russian province? The answer is simple, not all of the stereotypes false and these which are not prove to outweigh the false judgements about russian woman culture. In this article, we will look at the 7 genuine stereotypes about traditional russian women and why this are rather benefits than disadvantages.

Things To Consider Before Marrying Russian Woman

For those who have heard only the negative things about Eastern European females, the information below will probably blow your mind. As it appears, russian culture women are not that bad and sometimes even outstand female representatives of other countries. So, below are some of the features to know about russian women culture which are actually true though seem to be extremely prejudiced all over the world:

    • beauty queens: if you have ever visited this country, you must have paid your attention to how women look there. Everyone takes care of their appearances and clothes in order to look beautiful even when going for groceries.
    • extremely caring: with a girlfriend of this nationality you will always be full and warm. That is a fact.
    • emotional and quick-tempered: even though all people are different, the majority of Russian women easily get irritated and can even scream. On the other hand, it is easy to set the fire in their hearts too.
    • superstitious: do not be surprised if your loved one gets upset once the black cat crosses her road. That is what Russians believe to bring bad luck.
    • independent and determined: the modern generation of Russian women is full of entrepreneurial minds and successful business owners before 25. This is what gives them that freedom and power.
    • flashy: they love to show off and impress others. And some do have what to show, so let them be who they truly are and accept this as given.
    • “babushkas’” granddaughters: when it comes to getting accepted to her family, you have to earn confidence of the family grandmother. Otherwise, the game is over.

All in all, despite the fact that russian woman culture is rich of stereotypes and misconceptions, some of them are still true. However, it means nothing but buying in all of them. In order to get an objective opinion, you have to find your own truth by communicating with the representatives of this culture on your own instead of reading all the scams all over the Internet.

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