Mail Order Bride Life: Five Stories

There are thousands of mail order brides stories floating all over the Internet. Some of them are with happy endings while others are not. Just as it goes in life, sometimes things work out and sometimes they do not. However, for some reason, when it comes to unfortunate mail order brides stories, we tend to blame it on the very nature of these agencies. To debunk these myths, we will tell you five real mail order bride stories with incredibly happy ends.

When Love Takes Over

It seems the majority of people do not believe in the power of the Internet and international marriages and have huge prejudices towards them. For some reason, people cannot trust real love stories which happened on the Internet and therefore do not take these activities seriously. That is why, we have decided to tell you five real stories about brides and their lives:

  • Maria, Tula, Russia: Maria met Jordan from the UK, when she got divorced and felt absolutely hopeless as to falling in love again. When her ex-husband left the family, she started a family business and did not even take effort to start a new relationship. Her daughter, Sofia, suggested to register with one of the marriage services in the city just to try, and things work out!
  • Anastasia, Kharkiv, Ukraine: her love story with a 30-years-old Swede, Johann, started when she was only 25 years old. For some reason, Anastasia did not share values of Ukrainian men and could not find her love there. That is why she became a mail order bride and does not regret it.
  • Rosamie, Manila, the Philippines: Rosamie could never think she would become a wife of an American man with high aspirations and a huge loving heart. However, this happened, and the couple is happily married for 2 years already.
  • Paloma, Sao Paulo, Brazil: today Paloma goes for groceries to the central square of old German town and enjoys the real German life with her husband Simon. She registered with the service to experience something new and ended up getting married and moving to Germany.
  • Camila, Bogota, Colombia: Camila was enlisted with the marriage agency by her best friend who wanted to prank her. Today, she is a happy resident of Turin, Italy, where she studies at the university and lives with her husband, Matteo.

To wrap things up, there may be unfortunate love stories which happened to brides, however, these happen in real life as well. One should always look at things from wider perspective and also consider positive experiences as such mentioned above before forming a judgement.

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